Walk on Water

Beyoncé surprised the world once again through a collaboration on Eminem’s new single “Walk on Water.” The song premiered November 10 at noon, but news of Beyoncé’s participation on the track only broke minutes before. Take a listen:

Beyoncé sounds gorgeous on chorus and bridge! She’s listed as 1 of the 4 writers of the song, which means she likely wrote her own part or substantively rearranged it on the Rick Rubin-produced single.

What do you think of the song? What about the Eminem collaboration itself, especially given some of his previous lyrical content? Or the politics of a black women anchoring a song (via Beyoncé’s chorus) about a white man’s self-doubt and redemption? Lots to discuss. Do you wanna analyze the song with the rest of the class? Sign up today!

Beyoncé’s lyrics in full are:

“I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus

I walk on water but only when it freezes.

Cause I’m only human, just like you

Making my mistakes, oh if you only knew

I don’t think you should believe in me the way that you do

Because I’m terrified to let you down.”