New Kara Walker Show in NYC

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While this isn’t technically a Beyoncé post, Beyoncé herself has been known to be a big fan of artist Kara Walker. She visited Walker’s large-scale installation work A Subtlety back in 2014.

Kara Walker has a fantastic new art show in New York City entitled Sikkema Jenkins And Co. Is Compelled To Present The Most Astounding And Important Painting Show Of The Fall Viewing Season! (running 9/7-10/14).

The show is truly breathtaking; I highly recommend going if you are in the area. Here are a few photos I took myself while viewing the show this past weekend and you can see more of the work at the Sikemma Jenkins & Co. website. And check out this fantastic piece written about the show by Tariro Mzezewa from the New York Times, “Kara Walker is Tired of Talking, But Her Canvases Scream.”

Beyoncé has been in New York City a lot lately. Do you think she’ll check out the show? 👀